The Label // Bitcoin Research and Consulting

We are a small crew of seasoned protocol devs crafting solutions to hard Bitcoin problems. Read the story of how The Label was created here.

We are regular contributors to Bitcoin Core, rust-lightning/LDK, and Discreet Log Contract specification. We also enjoy reviewing academic papers, speaking at the best Bitcoin conferences, and sharing our knowledge with other developers.

While collaborating as peers through The Label, our members are self-directing their Bitcoin works, locations, and funding. We are excited by long-term research in security, privacy, and scalability, no matter at which layer of the Bitcoin stack. See our latest work.

If you are interested in research collaboration, please reach out! We would consider all kinds of making Bitcoin better, from usable security to applying novel cryptographic constructions.

Our developers are available for consulting services. In consulting activities we adhere to our code of ethics and best industry practices.

We aim to help the industry with:

  • reducing the risks of hacks and eavesdropping
  • integrating advanced solutions (LN/P2EP/multi-sig/etc)
  • building secure and efficient protocols
  • optimizing the fees and the use of the network
  • directing investment capital towards the most sound projects


To contact in the most safe/confidential way, please use the following keys:

  • Gleb: 7515 6736 5416 3009 6A18 F20E 6F88 3232 3AEF F22D
  • Antoine: 7BBE B35C 9D0F 8DDE 8106 2EA2 873C BDC2 9CE1 121E