Our developers are available for consulting, either solo or team-up.

We are committing the same level of enthusiasm, agility, and rigor we apply in our open-source works. As Bitcoin is a unique field, we are aiming to lead each business relationship in the frame of our code of ethics.

Every project or business is unique and we will first listen to your needs to ensure we are advancing together on a tailored solution satisfying you well.

We strive to present fair pricing, tailored to mission complexity and time commitment. We are favoring weekly booking over hourly ones. If you are a privacy-enhancing project, we will be happy to offer you pro bono hours.

While we have recognized practice areas, we will also be always there for uncommon Bitcoin problems demanding creative and out-of-box thinking.

Security and Privacy Audit

Bitcoin robustness is our primary concern. We are well-versed in a wide range of attacks and vulnerabilities, whatever the Bitcoin layer involved. We know how privacy leaks might wreck the confidentiality of business operations.

We can work with a team of developers to study codebases, infrastructure, and deployment, determining exploitation strategies and hardening the whole against attackers.

Protocol Architecture/Extensions & Crypto-Finance Design

The jungle of Bitcoin protocols is becoming thicker every year: sidechains, statechains, vaults, atomic swaps, coinjoins. The list of challenges is growing along.

We are Bitcoin L2 experts. We can design a new protocol with you from scratch, experiment with the edges of any deployed one or help you explore the frontiers of Bitcoin crypto-finance.

Technical and Crypto-Economic Due Diligence

We have done thousands of review hours on complex codebases, technical literature, and academic research. If you are investing in a Bitcoin startup or venture and have to assert its soundness, we are well-qualified to do it. We will produce honest and trustworthy reports enriching your decision process.

Fee Compression

We have grown up in the mempool and know a lot about Replace-by-Fee, Child-Pay-For-Parents, Parents-Pay-For-Child, batching, cut-through, and other advanced fee strategies.

If you are thinking further to drain your monthly fee bills through Lightning integration, we are here for you.

Team Empowerment

We are seasoned open-source developers and we are deeply aware of how any technical success ultimately relies on an enlightened team and qualitative communications.

We are pleased to do on-site Bitcoin technology education, share open-source best practices, level up your engineering hiring process or technical leadership.