Gleb Naumenko

Soon after deploying the largest Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange and the first local mobile Bitcoin wallet, Gleb started his Masters at The University of British Columbia in 2017. Attending Scaling Bitcoin’17 immediately inspired him to work on these novel problems in the peer-to-peer space.

Later that year, he had a chance to refine his ideas at Blockstream, and it resulted in Erlay. During 2019-2020, he joined the Chaincode Labs team, where he continued to work on the Bitcoin protocols (e.g., asmap).

Since then, he continues to work on Bitcoin Core as well as The Lightning Network (see multi-path payments in rust-lightning). He also enjoys giving talks (Bitcoin P2P Research Survey at MIT, A Beginner’s Guide to running a Bitcoin node at Advancing Bitcoin), collaborating with academics, and reviewing research papers. His open-source contributions are currently funded by BitMEX.

In his spare time, he enjoys independent films, rock climbing, and good cocktail bars.

Antoine Riard

Started to moonlight on Rust-Lightning in 2018, Antoine is a former Chaincode Labs resident (‘19) and developer. In the past years, he’s been working on Bitcoin Core modularity and pioneering Lightning security research He’s also excited about Bitcoin crypto-finance and regularly contributes to the Discreet Log Contract specification. His open-source contributions are currently funded by a yet-to-be-announced grant.

Recently, he participated in bootstrapping the Lightning Dev Kit alongside the Square Crypto team. Through this project, he aims to contribute towards a lightweight, reliable, open financial platform, hopefully enhancing the economic freedom of millions.

In his free time, he likes to sail, go on mountain trails and drink red wine.